One of the most exciting movements in the Church today is the engagement of Christians in the business world. The Business as Mission movement, which is deeply rooted in Lausanne, is taking the lead in creating a global network of evangelicals strategically involved in biblical transformation of people and societies through business. The forthcoming second Global Think Tank on Business as Mission will address important issues that reflect the priorities of The Cape Town Commitment such as the role of business leaders in finding solutions to human trafficking and equipping Churches to support men and women serving in the market place.
Ram Gidoomal CBE, Board Chairman of The Lausanne Movement

It is with a sense of deep satisfaction and delight I recognize that Business as Mission has emerged as a tidal wave mobilizing thousands of Christians in the market place. The BAM model affirms that business is a Christian calling aimed to serve nations, while bringing a cross cultural witness of the biblical truth; ‘for God so loved the world’. The Gospel of the Kingdom, as manifest through business and professional services, is truly unstoppable. And the 2nd global think tank will accelerate the BAM movement.
J Gunnar Olson, Founder and Chairman of International Christian Chamber of Commerce

I have had the privilege of serving in multiple arenas, investing my life in the convergence zone of government, education and business, and I am convinced that it is the latter that is increasingly well-positioned to carry forward the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that will bring profound and lasting spiritual, economic and social change to the non-integrated world. I applaud the Business as Mission Think Tank for their efforts to enrich and invigorate the worldwide BAM movement through a yearlong global assessment and I am hopeful that the resulting resources and tools will be employed by the body of Christ to carry the name of Jesus around the world.
David Beasley, Former Governor of South Carolina; Fellow of Harvard University Kennedy School of Government; Chairman of Center for Global Strategies

The BAM movement is a powerful witness to the Lordship of Christ over all aspects of our lives. After more than a decade of application, important issues and learning should be considered and reflected upon. As new generations take on the privilege and call of the Great Commission, critical thought leadership and prayerful deliberation will ensure that BAM matures to be even more relevant and useful in the Kingdom.
Edwin Keh, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and projects with Yale and HarvardPrior to April 2010 the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Wal-Mart Global Procurement.

The original Lausanne paper on Business as Mission from 2004 has been foundational to the engagement of business people in missions around the globe. Now, with this second BAM global think tank, the Church is poised to go deeper to address practical issues that will impact lives in every nation. I urge business people and missions leaders to participate and help the global BAM movement strengthen its orientation to action and creation, to God’s glory.
Doug Seebeck, President of Partners Worldwide

We live in an increasingly complex world that is getting smaller, faster. While these social, economic, technological and geo-political changes are making it more difficult for traditional mission work, especially among the least reached, they are simultaneously opening new doors of opportunity for Christ-followers in the marketplace. The North American mission movement must continue to explore ways to engage the vast and largely untapped kingdom potential of Business As Mission. I wholeheartedly affirm the strategic conversation flowing from the Global Think Tank on Business As Mission and look forward to how this will infuse fresh thinking and new ideas that will benefit everyone engaged in the priority one task of blessing the nations.
Steve Moore, President of Missio Nexus

There is a wind of the Spirit blowing across the world through Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs. Followers of Jesus who lead both large and small enterprises are committed to living out Kingdom values throughout their business strategy. The 2nd Global BAM Think Tank is going to be a significant gathering of like-minded followers of Jesus who are focused on Kingdom impact. I would urge you to participate in this important event.
Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, Chief Executive Officer/Secretary General of World Evangelical Alliance

Not all Christians are called to “fulltime ministry,” but all are called to minister fulltime. The growing global Business as Mission movement increasingly engages today’s Christians – like the Moravians of old – in God’s global mission, creating opportunities to minster fulltime and to make a difference in the lives of people and societies – spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally – through job creation among the least reached peoples of the world. In undertaking a global assessment and thorough analysis of the BAM movement, the Global Think Tank on Business as Mission serves as a catalyst to engage the Church and help it maximize business activities in order to bless the nations, extend the Kingdom of God and glorify its King.
Dr. William H. Jones, President of Columbia International University; Board Member, Coca-Cola Consolidated; Board Member, Correct Craft

As Christians in the market place we have many responsibilities – spiritual, economic, social and environmental; we discharge these through the practice of good business, business practices that make sense for all stakeholders. Our challenge is great, but so is the opportunity – hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings have never heard a clear Gospel message, one billion don’t have access to clean drinking water, hundreds of millions have no job, we continue to do huge damage to our God created environment. The BAM movement is making a positive impact around the globe, and the Business as Mission Think Tank is a unique and highly strategic initiative that will magnify BAM’s impact even further by assessing the global BAM movement and mobilizing, strengthening and equipping BAM practitioners from the global church to glorify God and serve all peoples in and through business.
Philip Green, Chairman, BakerCorp; Non-Executive Director, Carillion PLC; Chairman, Sentebale; Trustee, British and Foreign Bible Society; Former CEO of P&O Nedlloyd and United Utilities PLC

The 2004 Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization in Pattaya, Thailand, brought together over 80 devout thought-leaders from around the world to focus on the emerging Business as Mission (BAM) movement. Their collective energy, experience, intellectual and spiritual prowess, and wisdom not only produced a paper that was seminal for the movement, but created a special excitement and encouragement that only comes from seeing God at work in dramatic ways. It also stimulated far-reaching insights for BAM advocates and practitioners into the movement’s “next steps” and fostered an invaluable, global network among people with the same passion for Christ in the marketplace. In the intervening eight years, the BAM movement has changed dramatically, raising the need for a fresh survey of its players to assess its progress, evaluate its impact and seek discernment as to where and how it should proceed to maximize its Kingdom Impact. The call for a 2nd Global Think Tank on BAM is not only timely, but sorely needed to refresh the movement’s vision and to maintain and accelerate its momentum.
Neal Johnson, Ph.D., Author of “Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice”, IVP Academic.

I am excited to see how the Global Business as Mission Think Tank will specifically impact the epidemic of human trafficking around the world, connecting the BAM model with restoration, prevention and freedom for the 27 million men, women and children trapped in modern day slavery.
Louie Giglio, Passion Conferences; Pastor of Passion City Church

God is a creator and sustainer. We are made in His image, but men and women who have no opportunity to be creative, to work, to contribute to society, have that ‘image of God’ destroyed within them. Entrepreneurs and the wider business community have a real opportunity to be ‘good news’ for these people as they create new employment, restore dignity and build the Kingdom of God. As the leader of Faith2Share, an international network of mission movements, I believe we have failed to honour the role of the Christian business community in the mission of God – doing what they do best, building businesses that build the Kingdom. For this reason I fully endorse the Global Think Tank on Business as Mission and look to the day when we give equal honour to business leader, missionary, and pastor alike.
The Revd. Canon Mark Oxbrow, International Director of Faith2Share

God has given each and every one of His children gifts and talents, which are to be used for His purpose, which is to manifest His glory. We see new opportunities and initiatives to conduct business in the context of missionary service as a huge step in the right direction. In COMIBAM we are currently hard at work to help the church, mission agencies and mission training entities and the missionaries to understand BAM, and get equipped to implement BAM strategies. It is with joy and expectation that we receive the invitation to this global dialogue and we commit to be fully engaged.
Decio de Carvalho, Director Ejecutivo/Diretor Executivo/Executive Director of COMIBAM Internacional

How can the Good News about the Kingdom of God impact the nations, presenting a different model of society where justice, equal opportunities for all, human rights, righteous distribution of resources and peace are key values? Business as Mission has proved to be an efficient way of transforming local contexts, bringing hope, jobs and Christian principles of honesty, justice, excellence and well-being to communities that are under economic, political and religious oppression. I recommend the 2nd Business as Mission Global Think Tank as an important and viable process for deepening the knowledge about and the use of this God-given tool for advancing His Kingdom.
Bertil Ekström (PhD) Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

I really welcome the 2nd think tank on BAM. Our shaking world needs valid, sustainable values and principles. The BAM concept offers an excellent tool to practice those. The Biblical values and principles have been tested for thousands of years. They can serve in building healthy businesses which can transform societies around the world. I am sure the next global think tank will make BAM movement stronger than before. There are plenty of aspects related to this powerful BAM idea that can be reflected and updated. When new steps are taken, which are biblical and practical, the BAM movement will further manifest the Kingdom of God. I am sure the global BAM think tank will be on that track.
Dr. Arto Hämäläinen, Chairman of Pentecostal European Mission (PEM)
Chairman of World Missions Commission of Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF)

Having served 40 years in missionary service, including many of those years in global leadership, I found that effectiveness comes out of discerning the trends and anticipating the future. It is evident that there is growing hostility to a Christian witness in our post-modern world, yet God is moving in unprecedented ways to fulfill His mission. He is using global events of war, political disruption, economic uncertainty and natural disasters to turn the hearts of people to a search for spiritual answers that will give them hope and security. Yet it will not be the traditional missionary of the past, but marketplace Christians that will have the privilege of living out an incarnate witness in the midst of a lost world. The Global Think Tank on Business as Missions will have a critical role in identifying how business and professional Christians can bring a welcomed and valued resource to cross-cultural contexts for the sake of extending the kingdom of God.
Jerry Rankin, President Emeritus of International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

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